As a retailer, you know that the retail and e-commerce business isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price. It’s about finding ways to create unique shopping experiences that attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of customers you already have. It’s about keeping your finger on the pulse of trends and adapting to changes in customer behavior and tastes. This requires better insight into inventory and logistics, and the ability to make sure you have the right inventory on hand to meet customer demand.

SAP Business One software can help you do just that – manage sales, track inventory, monitor customer demand, coordinate loyalty programs and view supplier schedules all in a single system.

Business Benefits

  • Increase sales by reducing stock-outs, so you have the right items on hand when customers come to the store.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with faster response to customer needs.
  • Reduce inventory costs through accurate and streamlined inventory and distribution processes.
  • Become more agile than your competitors by anticipating customer demand and responding quickly.
  • Broaden your market reach with online presence and sales.


Whether you have an existing E-commerce website, or you are planning to develop a new one, Leanity Dynamics OPTIONS E-commerce Integration provides all the tools you need for seamless integration with SAP Business One.

Leanity Dynamics OPTIONS E-commerce Integration can integrate SAP Business One with multiple websites if required and will handle both B2B and B2C trading, including customer specific pricing and payment on account.

Data is automatically synchronised between SAP and your website. This means that if the connection goes down, your website will still be able to process orders until the connection is restored.

Cash & Carry

The Automotive industry’s standard operating procedures are constantly evolving and involve adhering to strict compliance. We understand the need to react quickly to customer lead changes in the schedule and the impact this can have down the supply chain.

Leanity Dynamics have helped customers across tier 1, 2 or 3, as well as associated manufacturers such as trailer, mobile home and vehicle convertors. We have also worked with blue chip companies to develop solutions for their national sales centres to track parts throughout its manufacturing supply chain.

With the added pressure of compliance and traceability requirements SAP Business One will enable your company to:

  • Create comprehensive configure-to-order capabilities which allow product definition and validated build options
  • Automatically generate VIN numbers with full traceability
  • Maintain order control for sales and purchasing
  • Make use of EDI and Web Portals for open communication with customers and suppliers streamline the supply chain
  • Have complete stock visibility through Wireless Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and detailed labelling capabilities
  • Create build schedules based on available time slots
  • Maintain Product Lifecycle Management